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It very much helps with trade, saving from many mistakes. However specifics of creation of lines of a trend such is that on the same schedule different traders will build them differently.

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In this regard and strategy Forex on lines of a trend at all will differ. One of ways of creation of trend lines was described by Thomas Demark, having called them the TD-lines.

Search of reference points for strategy Forex on lines of a trend During the researches Demark has output one important rule consisting that for the correct creation of trend lines it is necessary to define reference points competently. On them construction is also conducted. Only in this case strategy Forex on lines of a trend can be considered, according to Demark, effective.

The graph control points are presented in the form of red highs and blue minima points.

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Note that the anchor forex off trend and well-known Fractals often coincide, but not always. Download indicator can be the link at the end of the article. Building Forex strategies on trend lines Having defined reference points, it is possible to start creation of trend lines. The forex off trend line of a trend is under construction on maxima so that each subsequent reference point was lower than previous.

For the ascending trend on the contrary, forex off trend. After that strategy Forex forex off trend lines of a trend can already be used.

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Заработать тысечу в интернете to trade on strategy Forex on lines of a trend Generally strategy Forex on lines of a trend is quite simple as it gives quite unambiguous signals for an entrance to the market. Forex off trend on opening of a long position will be probity the descending trend line and closing of a candle is higher than the punched level.

Signal on opening of a forex off trend position will be probity the ascending trend line and closing of a candle is forex off trend than this level.

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Installation of a take-profit on strategy Forex on lines of a trend Take profit it can be exposed in several ways. They depend on your style of trade and differ in a ratio of profit to risk and accuracy. Aggressive way. Having received a signal to purchase, it is necessary to find a minimum which is spaced far apart all from the line of a trend.

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This distance is laid off from a forex off trend point up and notes take-profit level for the opened transaction. In case of a signal for sale the maximum with the greatest distance to the line of a trend undertakes. Conservative way. After break of the descending trend line the intra day minimum located under the line of a trend undertakes.

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This size is postponed from a point of break and notes the level of exposure of a take-profit. At the descending trend strategy Forex on lines of a trend is applied on the contrary, i. One more conservative way.

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For installation of a take-profit when opening a long position the distance between the line of a trend and the price of closing located below than this line that day in which the next intra day minimum was observed undertakes. It is necessary to take the closing price, but not value of an intra day minimum.

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Similarly the distance and for a short position pays off, but the closing price in day of formation of an intra day False breakdowns in strategy Forex on lines of a trend False breakdown call a situation when the price contrary to forecasts has returned for the punched level, without having allowed the transaction to achieve the objectives. We will consider two such situations: The price punches the line of a trend then already new line for opposite directed trend is under construction.

However soon occurs probity and the new line that speaks about a repeated turn of the price movement. In this case new break is considered more actual, than old, and strategy Forex on lines of a trend recommends to forex off trend all positions opened earlier better forex off trend the current forex off trend.

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On an example the situation when the price has punched the descending line of a trend with forex off trend of a candle above her in the beginning is presented. It has given a signal to purchase.

However soon the price was developed to punch the built ascending line of a trend.

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In certain cases the price, having punched the line of a trend, sharply is developed and comes back to borders of the channel. It can happen because of an exit of any news capable to break balance between bulls and bears. The forex off trend of price breaks at strategy Forex on lines of a trend There are several rules by determination of the validity of break of the line of a trend. If the second of the last two candles before break was closed below, than the first, then the validity of such break is more probable.

On an example it is shown that before breakdown of the descending line of a trend two bear candles were formed. Here the described rule closing of the second candle below closing of the first has worked that has confirmed the validity of forex off trend. This strategy Forex on lines of a trend is applicable both for ascending, and for the descending trend.

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Break can be considered true if the breakdown candle opens under the ascending line of a trend or over the descending forex off trend of a trend. Strategy Forex on lines of a trend generally on an hour time frame of H1 is applied.

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Only forex off trend this case it is possible to achieve the best result. However for check of the forex off trend of breakdown nevertheless it is брокерские компании кипра to be guided also on more smaller time frame. Now perhaps and all! Perhaps I will shortly lay out one more strategy forex off trend T.

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